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Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity

Graphic design - for the face of your business.

The crutial element in the graphic design is the Company Logo. It represents the company’s image and essentially forms the corporate identity and all advertising lines. It is important that all your clients and partners easily recognize your business card, letterhead, envelope or folder among the rest. We will professionally develop an unique corporate identity for you, so your competitors would try to imitate you, and the clients would keep all your offers.

Advertising materials

Advertising Materials

Graphic design - understandable by your clients.

The graphic design of the Advertising Materials can be very unique and original. Properly corresponding with the overall advertising strategy, during a campaign they/advertising materials could improve your sales significantly. Through product’s image enhancement, it is possible to obtain a constant growth in your turnover. We take the challenge to create an advertising strategy and advertising materials that works and achieves your aims. Thereby our purpose becomes your success.

Labels and Packаgеs

Design Labels and Packаgеs

Graphic design – for direct sale.

First we buy the package and then we see the product. Very often the design of the Label and the Package is decisive when we choose a product. The Label and the Package bring us information for the product and they are inseparable part of it. The package (label) not only determine the product – kind, type, cheap, expensive, high class, low class, series, ant etc., but fulfil aesthetic function as well. For example, when some high quality products don’t look attractive in the way they are for sale, then the package design plays “leading role” in positioning the product on the market. Our vision is that the quality package or label makes the product unique, remarkable and desired. When we “dress” the product in a “tempting” package, presenting all top grades and advantages of the product, customers are ready to pay the necessary price.

Promotional Materials

Promotional Materials

Improve your sales using different promotional and graphic design methods.

For a successful promotion you need corporate identity, advertisement materials, package or label. As part of the advertising strategy, promotion is a tool that stimulates sales in a certain period of time, at specific advertising spaces. The promotions can be endlessly various and original, starting from Point Of Sales (POS) advertising, to constructing advertising display shelves, exhibition stands, advertising constructions, even promotional sales of group of products (For example: dishwasher gel with a sponge, coffee with a cream, and etc.) Let us present you some of our ideas, so we could make together your product attractive and successful.


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